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Collab with us

We would promote your events, products, etc. to our community and our paid members of our Bestie Society would get exclusive discounts to attend your events and shop with you.

We are open to dual-partnerships as well to allow your community access to us and our events, etc. If you are interested in a partnership with us, complete an inquiry below!

What it means to collab with WTWRVA...

Collaborating with us means you/your business gets exclusive access to promote your events, products, etc. to our audience of amazing Women.

Our Collabs

RUSH community group logo

RUSH Community Group 

Reaching: identify the needs of and be accessible to the community we serve. 
Understanding: tailor our services and programs to address the unique needs of those we serve
Serving: implement programming that responds to the needs of our community. 
Helping: empower lasting, generational growth through our services and programs. 

Shekina Somatic Therapy & Healing in Connection

Shekina specializes in Somatic Trauma Therapeutics, guiding group experiences and private Somatic Experiencing (SE™) sessions and Somatic Breathwork sessions (BBTRS based). Her work is in support of soulful self growth through working with the language of your unique body and nervous system to cultivate self understanding, self expression, and emotional empowerment. A main area of Shekina's work revolves around cultivating the soul nourishing connections and emotional intimacy with others we desire. By understanding how we relate with others, and unraveling our own patterns around relating with others we cultivate freedom within. Freedom to truly build and maintain nourishing relationships and connections in the way we are deeply desiring; not to mention the sense of freedom in knowing and understanding our authentic selves. Shekina organizes Expressive Meditation Courses, Ecstatic Dance RVA, Authentic Relating RVA, Heart Healing Ceremonies, Womens Healing Groups amongst other events!


For more info and background visit :


Shekina Somatic Therapy & Healing in Connection Sessions & Events in RVA Schedule a free Connection Call or Private Session

Women with their to go bags from the girls with goals event
Beautiful Black women smiling for the camera after a fun event

Send us your collab idea and we'll get back to you shortly!

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